International journalists to arrive in Gaza Tuesday for fact-finding mission; will share findings with UN

20 01 2009

Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.
Photojournalist & Peace Activist
Humanitarian, Child Relief Worker
Gaza Strip, Palestine


Ramallah – Ma’an – Eight international journalists will arrive in Gaza Tuesday, traveling via Egypt, with the mission to fact-find and record first-hand Israeli violations against the people of the Gaza Strip.

Secretary General of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate Na’eem At-Tubasi confirmed Sunday that delegation, including Arab, French, Norwegian and Italian reporters, is en route to Gaza. The delegation will be followed by an investigating committee from the International Journalist Federation, which will arrive next week.

The outcomes of both investigations will presented to the UN and Human Rights Committee, said At-Tubasi. He indicated that the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate will work to assist the reporters, including providing them with flack-jackets.

At-Tubasi condemned the Israeli attacks on journalists that occurred during the onslaught, which killed five, including Jalal Nashwan, Ala’ Murtaja, Al’a As-Silawi , Basem Farej, Ihab Al- Wehidi, and injured dozens of others, “despite of all of the International conventions to protect the journalists”

He also condemned the Israeli decision to prohibit international journalists access to Gaza, saying it was an act aimed at hiding the nature of their crimes. For those who were manipulated y the Israeli “PR machine,” At-Tubasi said he hoped the true story would cancel out their attempts to hide the massacres in Gaza.




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