UN struggles to house displaced after Gaza war

26 01 2009

Gaza: ‘I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls’

23 01 2009

By Donald Macintyre in Jabalya


Grieving Palestinian father says children were killed after family obeyed order from troops to leave Gaza home. He added: “We are not Hamas. My children were not Hamas. And if they were going to shoot anyone it should have been me.” He added: “I want the international community and the International Red Cross to ask Israel why it has done this to us. They talk about democracy but is it democracy to kill children? What did the kids do to them? What did my house do to them? They destroyed my life?

A Palestinian father saw two of his young daughters shot dead and another critically injured by an Israeli soldier who emerged from a stationary tank and opened fire as the family obeyed an order from the Israeli forces to leave their home.

Khaled Abed Rabbo said Amal, aged two and Suad, seven, were killed by fire from the soldier’s semi-automatic rifle. His third daughter, Samer, four, has been evacuated to intensive care in a Belgian hospital after suffering critical spinal injuries which he said were inflicted in the attack early in Israel’s ground offensive.


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Israel Holds 250 Palestinians in Negev Desert Prison

21 01 2009

Date : 20/1/2009 Time : 14:13
BETHLEHEM, January 20, 2009 (WAFA)- 250 Palestinians were arrested by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) during the bloody aggression on Gaza, Head of the Palestinian Legislative Council Prisoners Committee Issa Qaraqe’, said, Tuesday. They are held in Negev desert prison cells.

Qaraqe’ added that those prisoners are isolated in cells with terrible conditions. They are called for forceful interrogation and are physically assaulted. Some of them are injured and need immediate medical care.

International journalists to arrive in Gaza Tuesday for fact-finding mission; will share findings with UN

20 01 2009

Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.
Photojournalist & Peace Activist
Humanitarian, Child Relief Worker
Gaza Strip, Palestine



Ramallah – Ma’an – Eight international journalists will arrive in Gaza Tuesday, traveling via Egypt, with the mission to fact-find and record first-hand Israeli violations against the people of the Gaza Strip.

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Destroyed homes greet returning Gazans

19 01 2009


Jan 18, 2009

In the first few hours of the supposed ceasefire in Gaza, some Palestinians have tried to return to their homes. But many residential buildings have been destroyed in the Israeli bombardment, and what some people find is rubble and devastation.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan reports.


Day 23 of Israeli War On Gaza

19 01 2009

Informative Report on Gaza War: Death toll 1310, wounded 5600

By: Sameh A. Habeeb:
A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.
Dear Editors, Journalists and Friends,

Thousands of people appeared on the Gaza streets. Everybody is trying to explore what has happened to his relatives, houses and areas. I have documented a massive devastation throughout east, north and west of Gaza Strip.

The devastation storms everything needed for normal life. Houses, schools, hospitals, clinics, police stations, charities, universities and streets totally and partially destroyed.

More than 100 dead corps were found today by paramedics mostly civilians and a family of 8 members. Samouni family which was massacred before found 17 more dead bodies under the rubbles. Many families still seek rest of members and relatives who were lost during the war time.

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Hulawi on Pakistani Spectator

18 01 2009

I’m just a new guy on the block so I really didn’t expect to be interviewed about blogging.. but anyway Thanks a lot to The Pakistani Spectator for publishing my interview in their website just now. For all readers please take a view at it at The Pakistani Spectator website..

maybe anyone of you want to make a comment out of it?

here is the link:

>> Hulawi interview with The Pakistani Spectator <<