Enigmatv–Illuminati Vol I: All conspiracy, No theory.

31 01 2009

Enigmatv–Illuminati Vol I: All conspiracy, No theory 1.


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The Wakeup Project

28 01 2009

The Wake Up Project is a website & a movement, created to give each of you the opportunity to make your voice heard. Together we can all influence positive and uniting change. Our team is lead by a group of talented and aspiring directors, media developers, animators, composers, internet moderators, and network and community leaders, committed to use their talents towards our constructive goals and objectives.

Directors :
Noreaga Productions
Achernahr Productions
Ripple Effect Productions
Freedomtou Pictures
SolidSnake Productions
& More

They produced usefull informations for viewers who seeks the truth including THE ARRIVALS series. here you can watch a complete series and more..


UN struggles to house displaced after Gaza war

26 01 2009

Gaza in Ruins: A news special – Part 1

25 01 2009


Doctors struggle to treat Gaza victims

25 01 2009



Gaza’s massacre 2008

24 01 2009

Israel withdraws from Gaza as evidence of war crimes emerges

24 01 2009

The casualty toll continues to rise as bodies are dragged out of the rubble in areas that were previously not accessible. The death toll from the Israeli attack, which began December 27, is currently 1,300, including 410 children and 104 women, according to the Gazan ministry of health. Approximately 5,300 Palestinians have been injured, including 1,855 children and 795 women. The World Health Organization has issued a warning of an outbreak of disease as weeks-old bodies remain unburied and raw sewage flows in the streets due to the destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure. Thirty-four health facilities, including eight hospitals, were damaged or destroyed by shelling; 16 health care workers were killed and another 22 injured while on duty, according to the health ministry. The crisis has been exacerbated by the lack of water and electricity.


Video: Gaza villages wiped off the map